How to Add Text to Shapes in PowerPoint

Adding shapes and text boxes to your presentation makes your presentation appear more compelling and attractive. The more shapes in PowerPoint you are going to utilize with consistency and good formatting, the better it is going to be. In this PowerPoint Tutorial, we will show you how to work with different shapes and insert relevant text into them.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to add text to shapes in PowerPoint.

Step # 1 – Type text in shape

First of all, click on any shape and type in some text using your keyboard.

add text to shape

Step # 2 – Edit effects of the text

Go to the “format” tab under the “drawing tools”. Then select the “action box” present right adjacent to WordArt styles. A new window will pop up. In this window, go to the “Text Box” tab and select the “text direction” as “rotated” according to your requirements. Click on the “close” button once you are done.

change the text style

Step # 3 – Edit text options

Select the text you wish to edit and change its “font style” and “font size” from the options available under the “home” tab. Use the “bold” button to make the text prominent.

change text style

Step # 4- Add text to another shape

Select another shape and add some text to it.

type text in second shape

Step # 5 – Change text wrap in shape

Go to the “format” tab under the “drawing tools” and select the “action box” button which is right next to the WordArt styles. Uncheck the option which says “wrap text in shape” and click on the “close” button.

Alter text position in shape

Step # 6 – Create text shape in a separate slide

To add text shape in an existing slide, select a shape from top right corner of the main menu. With the help of the “drag” option of your mouse, place it wherever you want on the slide.

add text shape to a new slide

Step # 7 – Edit text options

Type some text in the shape box. Click on its boundary and go to the “home” tab”. Change the “font style”, “font size”; apply the “bold” option to it or use “italics” to highlight a specific word from the text.

change text style

Step # 8 – Format text appearances

Change color of your text box by clicking on the “shape fill” button available on the menu at the top of your screen. Click on the “shape outline” button to highlight the text box. Select the “shape effects” button and go through different options. Click on anyone of them to apply the effect to the slide.

change text style

Step # 9 – View changes in slideshow mode

Press the “Shift+F5” keys on your keyboard to view the changes in slideshow mode. Press the “Esc” key to exit the slideshow when you are done.

preview slide changes