How to Install Microsoft Access ODBC Driver

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to install the Ms access odbc driver. We will teach you how to do so in two different ways.

Step 1 – Open Control Panel

First of all, open up the Start menu and click on the Control Panel.

Opening Control panel

Step 2 – Open Administrative Tools

In the control panel window, open up the Administrative Tools.

Opening Administrative tools

Step 3 – Open odbc file

With that done, the Administrative Tools window will open up. Over there, we will need to open up the Data Sources (ODBC) file.

Open data sources file

Step 4 – Click on the add button

Here in the ODBC Data Sources Administrator window, click on the Add button to add odbc driver for access.

Clicking on add

Step 5 – Select MS Access Driver

Once the new window opens up, scroll down and select the Microsoft Access Driver option and click on the Finish button once done.

Choose MS Access Driver

Step 6 – Set data source name

This will open up the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup. Over there, in the Data source name field, type MS Access and click on the Ok button.

Insert data source name

Step 7 – ODBC driver installed

Now you will be brought back to the ODBC Data Sources Administrator window. Over there, you will see at the bottom that you have successfully installed the Ms Access odbc driver.

ODBC driver

Step 8 – Install odbc via run

Alternatively, you can also open the ODBC Data Sources Administrator window from run command. In order to do so, simply type in odbcad32 and hit the enter key in order to install odbc driver for access.

And that’s it.

Installing odbc driver through run