How to Install SFTP Client on Windows

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install a SFTP client on Windows.

SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol, and in windows there is no built in client for accessing the SFTP server.

To understand how to install a windows sftp client follow the tutorial given below.

Step 1 – Download and install winscp

For this tutorial, we will be using an application called winscp. You can log on to and download the latest version of the application.

With the download complete, let’s run the installation wizard.

A pop-up window will appear asking you whether you want to run the setup installer. Simply click on the Yes button to continue on with the process.

Install winscp on your system

Step 2 – Select language

As a result, the Winscp installer wizard will open up. First of all you would need to select the language. Select the language from the drop down menu and click on the OK button.

Select language from menu

Step 3 – Select the next button

Now the welcome screen of the installer will appear. Simply click on the next button to move on with the process.

Click on the next button

Step 4 – Accept license terms

Now you would be required to accept the license terms and agreements before moving on to the next step.

Agree to the license terms

Step 5 – Choose the type of installation

Over here, you can either use the typical installation option which is recommended or completely customize the installation according to your requirements.

Choose installation type according to requirement

Step 6 – Choose the interface style

Next, you would be required to choose the style of the user interface. You can either keep the commander interface, which shows two panels on the screen, or the explorer interface with only the remote directory being displayed.

With that done, the wizard will install the application on the system which allows you to eventually install a SFTP client on windows.

Select the style of user interface

Step 7 – Enter details

Once the installation is completed, the application will open up. Over here, in the file protocol option, by default the SFTP has been selected. Now let’s move on to the host name option and provide the web address or the IP address of the server we want to connect to.

With that done, let’s enter the credentials and click on the Log in button.

Insert details

Step 8 – Establish a successful connection

Once a successful connection has been established, the WinScp interface will open up. Over here, you can see the contents of the local system in the left pane of the window and the contents of the remote server would be located towards the right.

And that’s basically how you can install and use a windows SFTP client.

Establish a connection