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How to Create Cool Graduation Slideshow with Songs

In this tutorial you will learn how to create cool graduation slideshow with songs. Graduation memories will stay with you and your classmates or coursemates for the years on, so you should strive to create the best graduation slideshow that you can.
Before you’re starting to create your slideshow, check if you have all pre-requisites: quality photos, good music and good mood. While choosing the music, think about something that you, your parents and maybe future children will enjoy hearing ten and twenty years from now. Choose the photos of your classmates you’ll be happy to remember.

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How to add colors to a picture in Photoshop?

The effects of colors on any image are clearly visible to all. The importance of adding vibrant colors to an image can never be overlooked at any cost. It’s the basic element which can capture the attention of the average viewer. With Photoshop you can add various color effects to your images.
Follow this step by step guide and learn how to add colors to a picture in Photoshop.

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PC Tweaks

How to use the Cool Preview Add-on in Mozilla Firefox?

Today Mozilla Firefox is known as the fastest internet browser. It is specially programmed to load web pages instantly and deliver a high quality experience of internet surfing. It also provides a facility to download Mozilla add-ons which are easy to use and free of cost. These small applications takes very small amount of memory and make Mozilla Firefox works better. Here in this tutorial, we are using Cool Previews which displays a preview of web pages without opening them.
Following are the few simple steps to guide you How to use the Cool Preview Add-on in Mozilla Firefox browser.

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