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How to Encrypt a Folder with TrueCrypt

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to encrypt a folder with Truecrypt. Data encryption is completely based on cryptography, meaning storing the data in a secure, encrypted code.
There are basically two types of encryption. First is the symmetric encryption, where an encrypted message is sent to another computer which is able to translate the encrypted code into the intended message using a password.
The other is the asymmetric or the public-key encryption format which has a public and a private key. The private key is only meant for your computer while the public key is provided to the other computer which wants to communicate securely with your machine.
There are various types of different applications which help with encryption for example Cryptocat, a private and secure chat application, or Enigmail, a secure email client. Paypal, Amazon and all other services use some sort of encryption.
Although more secure, but for the average user at home, a simple symmetric encryption can certainly go a long way to keep your data secure.
For this tutorial, we will stick to TrueCrypt. So let’s get started.

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How to Install TrueCrypt in Ubuntu

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install TrueCrypt in Ubuntu. We will provide you with a complete walkthrough – from downloading the setup till the time, truecrypt has been successfully installed on the system.

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