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Basics PC

How to View Installed Updates

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to view the installed updates in Windows. We will not only teach you how to view the installed updates but also tell you how to uninstall these windows updates if you want to.

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How to Work with Automatic Updates in Firefox

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How to Post Facebook Updates on Twitter

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How to Make Lightroom Check for Updates Automatically

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PC Web

What’s New on the Facebook over the last month?

Here you would learn about what’s new on the facebook over the last month. Facebook is the most popular social networking site online to date. Many people who have a comparatively large social network find it difficult to keep track of all the Facebook updates. The best thing to keep us informed about the daily events and activities is facebook notification. There are few more added features that facebook has recently applied on the platform. Timeline, a platform recently introduced, transforms the profile page into a dynamic history book where you can add information about your life from birth till date.

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