Box vs. Dropbox

In this tutorial, we will draw a comparison between Box & Dropbox.
Box and dropbox, both are online storage and sharing websites where users can upload their files and documents to a cloud server. The user files are uploaded on a central location and from there, they can be downloaded to any computer in the world.

Step 1 – Pros and Cons of

Now let us consider the pros and cons of boasts rich collaboration tools which allow you to share files, organize digital media and provide access to stored data. The drawback of is that it lacks conventional backup capabilities. There is no way to back up specific files and folders on your desktop.

Advantages and disadvantages of box

Step 2 – Pros and cons of dropbox

Now we will analyze the pros and cons of dropbox. Dropbox is far more easier to use and set up than most of its competitors. The cons of dropbox are that it is not efficient when it comes to collaborative work. If multiple users are using it at the same time, there are chances that it might create conflicted copies. Furthermore, there can be delays in the syncing of files.

Advantages and disadvantages of dropbox

Step 3 – Comparison between box and dropbox

If we compare box and dropbox, the latter offers a 2 GB free account while offers 5 gb free user account. Desktop syncing in dropbox is real fast. allows desktop syncing for its business or enterprise plans option. Dropbox lacks security features while provides its users with several such features. If you delete a file in dropbox, you can recover it in 30 days. However in, once you have deleted a file, it is gone forever. Lastly if we take a look at their premium plans, dropbox is economical when compared with Dropbox charges $9.99 while charges $15 per user.
Hope you found this comparison between box and dropbox useful.

Compare box and dropbox