How to Add Meta Tags in WordPress Pages

Meta tags are used for making websites search engine friendly. These are the special tags which do not effect on the design but are very useful for defining the website. This definition can be about author, keywords description etc. In this tutorial on “how to add meta tags in wordpress” we are going to teach you that how easily you can add and update meta tags in your pages and make wordpress posts more visible to search engines.

Step 1: Going to Host

First of all we are going to our host where projects are posted.


Step 2: Going to wordpress Admin

Go to the wordpress admin, that is, wp-admin. For going to the admin page, type /wp-admin in front of project name.

– Going to wordpress Admin

Step 3: Login to Admin

Logging in to wordpress Admin, type user name and password.

– Log in to Admin

Step 4: Going to plugin page

To install new plugin, hover your mouse on the “plugin” located at left side menu and click on “Add New”

–Plugin link

Step 5: Search plugin

To search plugin for meta tags in wordpress. Type “meta tags” in the search box and click on “search plugins”.

– Searching plugin

Step 6: Installing Plugin

To install plugin for adding meta tags in wordpress posts. Click on “install Now” link.

– Installing Plugin

Step 7: Confirming to install

To confirm its installation, click on “OK” in the confirm box.

– Confirming

Step 8: Activating Plugin

To activate the plugin, click on “activate plugin” link.

– Activating plugin

Step 9: Going to plugin setting

To add meta tags, hover mouse on Setting in the left menu and click on “Meta Tag Manager”.

– Pluggin setting

Step 10: Add meta tags

Now add meta tags of your choice and click on save changes.

–Meta tags