How to Backup Your Files Online (SugarSync)

What is SugarSync? Sugarsync is a cloud backup service for your computer that allows you to store all your music and other files online. It even allows you to listen to this music. In this tutorial, we will give you a brief sugarsync review.

Step 1 – What is SugarSync

So what is Sugarsync? Sugarsync offers a 5 GB start up space to its users. It allows you to choose the folders that you want to sync and constantly updates them. Furthermore, it allows you to create a public url for any file. You can share this url with all the users in a work group or some specific people.

Overview of Sugarsync

Step 2 – Restore feature in SugarSync

Sugarsync offers several file sharing features. It also offers a restore wizard. This feature allows you to restore files for an indefinite time period.

Features in Sugarsync

Step 3 – Drawbacks of Sugarsync

As far as the drawbacks of Sugarsync are concerned, it isn’t available on Linux. Furthermore, the upload and download speed are pretty slow when compared with other alternatives.

Hope you found this Sugarsync review useful.

Cons of sugarsync