How to Check Flight Status Online

This tutorial will demonstrate how to quickly check flight status.

Step # 1 – Access the Federal Aviation Administration Website

Go to “”. This website provides information on flight delays throughout the continental United States. Scroll down, and you will see a blue map of the USA.

Visiting the FAA site

Step # 2 – Using the Map to View Flight Status

On this blue map, you will see a series of dots, most of which will be green. To the right of each dot is three letters, which represent a specific airport. For this tutorial, place your mouse cursor over “ATL” which is in the southeast. Doing so will bring up a yellow box providing information on the flight status for the Atlanta airport.

Finding a specific airports details

Step # 3 – Interpreting the Dot Colors

While most of the dots on the blue map will be green, some might be other colors. The other colors that may appear are yellow, orange, red and black. On the bottom of the page, look under “Legend,” and you will learn the meaning of the different dot colors.

The legend for the map

Step # 4 – Searching by Region, Airport or Major Airport

You can also check flight status by searching by region, airport, or major airport. To do this, look at the top of the page, under “Flight Delay Information – Air Traffic Control System Command Center.” Beneath the blue links, use the drop down boxes to make your desired selections, then click the blue buttons next to them with the white triangles that point to the right.

Searching for aiports