How to Get a WordPress RSS Feed Link

Most blog readers are following hundreds of blogs that are updated daily. This can be very hectic if the reader is visiting them all every day. To make this process easy, RSS feeds are used to extract new posts off the blogs by a feed reading application. The user needs to subscribe the blog to the feed reading application by submitting the RSS feed link of the blog.
Firstly, we should know that RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary and in this tutorial we will learn how to find the link for WordPress RSS feed.

Step 1- Adding Rss2

There are four possible feed links that can be used. We will try each of them one by one to see if they are working for the blog.
First of all we will start with RSS or RSS2.
For that, we just have to simply add a forward slash after the url of our blog and type the following:
So in our case the url will become


Step 2-RDF

Now let us try RDF
Here we have to add :
/feed/rdf after our blog’s Url
So in our case the url will be:


Step 3- ATOM

Let us see atom Subscriptions now.
For that we will write the url of our blog in the following pattern:


Similar pattern would be used to obtain feeds for different purposes:
For Example
To obtain comments, there is a separate feed for it.
Likewise there is a separate feed for post specific comments.
Similarly for authors of a blog, we use following permalinks:
And for categories and tags, we can use the following options:
And finally, a blog’s search result can have its own feed.