How to Update WordPress Manually

In this video tutorial we will show you how to update WordPress manually.

If you want to update WordPress manually you have to go into the WordPress admin panel. Before you proceed with the upgrade, we strongly advise you to make the online backup of your WordPress.
Go to the dashboard and choose “Plugins” tab. From the drop-down menu choose “Add New”.
Choose Add New plugin

On the next page enter the keyword “backup” into the search bar and press “Enter”.
Choose the “Online Backup for WordPress” plugin and click “Install Now”.
Click Install Now

In the pop-up window, press “ОК”. After the installation is complete, click on “Activate Plugin”.
Click on AActivate Plugin

On the next page, click on “View Status” of the installed plugin. Go to the “Backup” tab and choose “Download” as the backup type. Click “Start The Manual Backup”.
Click start Manual Backup

After the backup process is complete, press “Download Full Backup” and save it on your hard drive.
Download Full Backup

Go to the “Plugins” tab and choose “Installed Plugins”.
Choose Installed Plugins

Disable all the installed plugins to avoid any problems after the upgrade.
Disable the installed plugins

Now you can install the latest version of the WordPress.
Click on the link at the top of the page to download latest version of the WordPress. Download the archive with latest version and save it on your hard drive.
Download the archive

Now go to the downloaded archive and extract its contents.
Extract the archive

Wait until the extraction process is complete and open the “wordpress” folder. Delete the “wp-content” folder.
Open the “Filezilla” file manager and enter the address of your FTP server.
Enter the address of the FTP server

Select all the files and folders except:
“wp-config.php” file;
“wp-content” folder;
“wp-images” folder;
and “Plugins” folder;
Select all the files and folders

Right-click on the selected files and press “Delete”.
Press Delete

In the pop-up window press “Yes”. Wait until the removal process is complete.
Go to the “wordpress-3.5” folder on the left. Select all files, right-click and choose “Upload”.
Choose Upload

After the upload process is complete, go to the “Failed transfers” tab and press “Process Queue”.
Now go back to the browser window.
Press “F5” to reload the page. Click “Update WordPress Database”.
Click Update WordPress Database

Your WordPress database has been successfully updated. Click “Continue”. As you can see, the WordPress has been updated to the latest version.
Go to the “Installed plugins” and reactivate all the previously disabled plugins.
Reactivate all plagins

Now the WordPress has been successfully updated.