How to Make your Website Multilingual

In this tutorial we will learn how to use wordpress Multilanguage plugin to make our website understandable by people from all over the world. By this plugin any visitor can change the language to their native language and whole of our website will be translated in that particular language. By the end of this tutorial we will be able to run wordpress multiple languages feature.

STEP #1: Go to plugin installation Page

On the wordpress dashboard, move mouse over plugin tab and click on add new.

Go to plugin installation Page

STEP #2: Search for the Plugin

In that page, there would be a search field to search the plugins. Here we will use the Google Translate Plugin named as “GTW”. GTW is the plugin that will make our wordpress multi language supported.

Search for the Plugin

STEP #3: Install Plugin

Simply click Install Now link.

Install Plugin

STEP #4: Confirmation to Install

Hit OK to the Confirmation prompt

Confirmation to Install

STEP #5: Activating the installed Plugin

After completion of the installation, the plugin needs to be activated, so let’s activate it.

Activating the installed Plugin

STEP #6: Opening Widgets

Go to the appearance tab and select the widget option.

Opening Widgets

STEP #7: Adding the Translation Widget

Here we have to add GTW plugin, so click Add.

Adding the Translation Widget

STEP #8: Customizing the Translation Widget

Here we can give the appropriate title and position of the plugin wherever we want to place it. Finally click save widget. This widget will provide wordpress Multi language feature.

Customizing the Translation Widget

STEP # 9: View the changes on page

After finishing up with the customization, let’s browse our page. Here we can see the Translate Option appearing, which is actually the Google Translate Widget we just configured.

View the changes on page

STEP # 10: Changing the Language

Let’s change the language and select the language of our choice. After that we will observe our website will be translated to that language

Changing the Language