How to Transfer Blog from WordPress to a Personal Domain

WordPress sites can either be configured on the platform or can be hosted on any other domain. At times, the user may want to transfer a wordpress blog to a personal domain.
In this tutorial, we will teach you how to transfer a blog in wordpress to a personal domain.

Step 1 – Export option

As we have already installed wordpress on our personal domain, we will not go into the installation details.
In this tutorial, we have opened both the dashboards of our blog and the wordpress site hosted on our own domain in adjacent tabs.
We can transfer blog of wordpress with the help of the Export Feature.
In order to do so, go to your blog’s dashboard, hover your mouse over the tools tab and click on the Export option.

Use Export option

Step 2 – Create an XML file

Once the export page opens up, click on the Export option. Your site will be exported in XML file format.

Export site in XML file

Step 3 – Download the Exported File

Now another page will open will where you can choose what to export. Just choose the “All Content” option from here and then click on the Download Export File button. It will download your site’s content in a XML script file.

Download XML Script file

Step 4 – Import Option

Now switch to the dashboard of the wordpress site, which is hosted on your personal domain.
Over there, go to the “Tools” tab and click on the “Import” option.

Use Import option

Step 5 – Use WordPress Import option

With that done, Import page will open up. Click on the WordPress option over there and then upload the same file which was exported from the dashboard in previous steps.

Use wordpress option in Import Section

Step 6 – Use the “Upload file and import” option

Locate the file and then click on the Upload File and Import button.

Upload file and import

Step 7 – Specify Author & Attachments

As a result, a new page will open from where you can choose the user. Open up the drop down menu and then choose a user which is admin in our case.
After that done, check mark on the “Import Attachments” option and then click on the submit button

Assign Authors and Attachments

Step 8 – Import Completed

Once you are done, your blog’s content would be transferred to your wordpress site which is up on your personal host. You will be displayed with a message which will read “All Done- Have Fun”.
In this manner, you can transfer your wordpress blog to a personal domain.

Import WordPress