How to Update Eclipse Helios to Indigo

Developers need to keep their developing environment up-to-date for better functioning of the tools of the developing platform. So in this tutorial we will learn to update eclipse helios to indigo
For that, first we will download a fresh copy of eclipse and then import the plugins of previous installation.

Step#1: Eclipse Indigo Website

First of all we have to download Eclipse Indigo, for that lets and click on downloads.

Indigo website

Step 2-Downloading Appropriate Version

We have to Download Eclipse IDE for JAVA developers.

Selecting Version

Step#3: Extract Downloaded Package

Once downloaded, we have to extract it to desired location.

Unzip Eclipse

Step#4: Run Eclipse

Now let’s run Eclipse.exe

Execute Eclipse.exe

Step#5: Setting Path

When prompted for selecting work space, click Browse and Select our old workspace directory.

Locating Old Directory

Step#6: Importing Plugin

Now we have to open “file” menu and select “Import” option

Import Wizard

Step 7- Locating Import Path

After that, select “FROM EXISTING INSTALLATION option under Install Folder

Import Plugins

Step#8: Giving Path of Old Eclipse Installation

Now, click Browse and select the path of our Old eclipse Installation and click ok.

Setting Up Eclipse Path

Step#9: Installing Plugins

Now let’s Check mark the Plugins which we want to install and click next.

Confirming Plugin

Step#10: Restarting Eclipse

When the installation will be completed we will be prompted to Restart eclipse, click YES.
And after the restart, the update eclipse to indigo will be completed

Restarting Eclpse

And that’s how we can update eclipse to indigo.