How to Use RSS Feed in Internet Explorer

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to use rss feed in Internet Explorer. This tutorial will guide you on how to subscribe to rss feed from websites and view these feeds. Furthermore, we will also teach you how to adjust the feed properties as per your requirements.

Step 1 – Go to a website

So lets learn how to use rss feed in Internet Explorer. With the browser opened up, log on to the website whose rss feed you want to subscribe to or save for the matter. For example, here we will open up the Washington post.

Visit a website

Step 2 – Click on RSS Feed button

Once the website opens up, move to the rss feed button located at the command bar on top and click on the downward facing arrow. With that done, a new menu will open up. Over there, click on the Rss option for using rss feeds.

Go to RSS Feed

Step 3 – Subscribe to the feed

With that done, the RSS homepage will open up. Over here, click on the “Subscribe to this feed” option.

Subscribe to rss feed

Step 4 – Agree to subscribe

Once the dialogue box appears on the screen, simply click on the “Subscribe” button. And that’s it.

Subscription to the feed confirmation

Step 5 – View my feeds

Now that you have successfully subscribed to the feed, you can click on the “View my Feeds” option to check out the posts from this particular website.

View Feeds

Step 6 – RSS Feeds Window

With that done, the RSS feeds window will open up towards the left side of the browser. From there, you can access all the feeds from the website. In this way, you can enjoy using rss feeds.

Go to RSS Feeds window

Step 7 – Go to Feed Properties

You can also set the properties of the feed according to your requirements. For that, simply click on the View Feed properties option.

View Feed Properties

Step 8 – Set Feed Properties

Over there, you can use the default schedule or make your own custom schedule for the feeds.
Also, you can choose to allow the browser to automatically download attached files that come with each posts.

Adjust Feed Settings