What is a Credit Card Number

In this tutorial you are going to learn what is a credit card number which is essential to know if you are shopping online.

Step # 1 – Locating Your Credit Card Number

Banking comes with plenty of numbers: account number, sort code, expirations dates, swift codes et cetera. None of these are your credit card number, to find this you need to look on a your credit card. Here we have a picture of a sample credit card, you can see a large number running across the front, it has 16 digits. This is the credit card number.

The 16 digit credit card number

Step # 2 – Other Important Numbers

There are several other numbers on the card such as expiry dates, these might be useful when shopping in addition to your credit card number. On the back of the card is another number you should take note of, it will appear in a similar place to this picture. You will also usually need this to shop online.

The security number on the signature strip of a card

Step # 3 – Using the Number Online

As you can see in this internet browser we are in the payment area on Amazon and we are being asked to enter our card details, you need to enter the credit card number in the “Card number” box, as well as your name on the card in the next box, and the expiration date on the card. This tutorial has shown you what is a credit card number and how to use it to buy items online.

Entering your card number