How to Access Overloaded Site

In this tutorial you will be shown how to access an overloaded site. This can be done in two ways, with Google search or this website: “”
Step # 1 – Go to
Navigate to “”, you will see a search box in the center of the page, beneath the Google logo. For this example, we will be using Microsoft, so type “Microsoft” into the search box.
Starting your internet browser

Step # 2 – Access the Cached Version of a Website in Google
After the search runs a list of websites will appear in the search results, with “”, appearing at the top (below any adverts). To the right of “”, you will see a green arrow. Click it.
Accessing Google’s cache

Step # 3 – Loading and Viewing the Cached Version of a Website
After clicking on the little green arrow, you will be presented with a drop down box with two options, “Cached” or “Similar.” Click on “Cached.” Doing so will load the cached version of “”that Google last saw.
The cached option

Step # 4 – Access an Overloaded Site With Cached Pages
Alternatively you can use a site dedicated to finding cached pages. To do this, you will first want to visit “”. In the center of the page, beneath the logo, is a search box. Type “” into this search box, and then click the “Google cache” button. Doing this will show a cached version of the site.
An alternative way to access the page