How to add photos and create albums and put privacy on them

Normally, in order to become more social you always want to share your as much information as possible with your friends and others. Sharing photos of different events and taking people’s feedback is the most common thing these days. But, you always try to keep few things private so that only certain friends or a very selective list of people can view this information. Once you learn how to add photos and create albums in Facebook and put privacy on them, you can maintain certain levels of privacy without any problems. You can also create an album in Facebook.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to add photos and create albums and put privacy on them.

Step # 1- Selecting a photo
In order to add photos to your profile you will need to go to the page from which you can upload your photos and share it with your friends. Select the “photos” option from the side bar on your Facebook home page or go to your profile page.
choose photos

Step # 2 – Exploring photo albums
You will now need to select an album to view photos in it. So, once you click on the “photos” option, you will be able to go through your tagged pictures added by others. The “Wall photos” section contains those pictures which you have added to your profile. Profile pictures are all those pictures that are applied as default pictures to your Facebook profile.
go through photo albums

Step # 3- Uploading photos
Now, you can decide whether you need to upload new pictures to an existing album or want to create one from scratch. In order to add photos and create a new album, click on the “upload photos” button at the top of your page. Your file folder will automatically open to browse images. Make your selection and click on the option titled “open”. You can multi-select items to upload.
put up photos

Step # 4: Using the Progress meter
How do you know how much time has elapsed while uploading a picture? Facebook also shows you an upload progress bar which keeps the user updated about the picture upload progress. It is important that you do not close your browser in the meantime while your photos are being uploaded in an album.
upload pointer

Step # 5- Tagging places
Facebook allows you to tag places where you have taken various pictures. In the option “where were these photos taken”, you can mention the location where you took the shots. Once you start typing the name of a certain place, a list of similar options will open up in front of you from which you can make a certain selection.
mention album location

Step # 6- Captioning photos
In the section titled “say something about this photo”, you can add catchy or related captions for photos using your keyboard.
add photo details

Step # 7- Adding more photos
Let’s say you have created an album with a place name, and you forgot to add few pictures. So, you can use the ‘Add more photos’ button if you want to make additions to your album.
select more photos to add

Step # 8- Using Privacy settings
To put privacy on your album and images, you must go to the “public” button and go through the different choices you have. You can select a “list” to make photos visible to or “custom” for a few contacts only. Selecting the “Only me” option will keep photos visible to you only. Click on “friends” to make it visible to your friends circle. You can also select custom options for privacy to make pictures visible to selected friends or hide from selected friends. Click on the option titled “post photos” in the end.
alter privacy settings

Step # 9- Mentioning album descriptions
Click on the “add a description” section of the album you just uploaded and write something about it using your keyboard. The description could last from a few sentences to a paragraph depending what you want to write.
manage album description

Step # 10: Editing album photos
Open an existing album and click on “edit album” if you want to make any changes to photos or album. Use the “Tag” option or select the drop down arrow present on a photo to select different options. Choose from “move to other album”, “make album cover” or “remove this photo”.
click a face to tag

Step # 11- Moving a photo
If you have added a picture into an incorrect folder and want to move a photo to another album, you can simply do this by selecting the folder and clicking on the “move photo” option in edit options.
change photo folder

Step # 12- Altering album name
If you want to change an album name, you need to click on “edit album” and select the top section titled “untitled album”. Type the name using your keyboard and click on “done” after entering the name you want to use for an album.
change album name

Step # 12- Checking uploaded album on profile
Once you are done with each and everything you must need to check whether photos have been uploaded and posted to your wall. Click on your “profile name” and then on the “wall” option to see the shared album.
observe published album