How to Add Taskbar to Start Screen in Windows 8

If you want to add the task bar to the start screen in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you’ll need to use third party apps like ImmersiveTaille.

Step 1. You can download ImmersiveTaille from the link that you see on the screen ( Download the software package and run the program on your computer. ImmersiveTaille will not act like the usual app. The little icon of it will be on your task bar, but if you accidentally close it, you’ll have to restart your computer, so the ImmersiveTaille window pops up.

downloading ImmersiveTaille app

Step 2. After you’ve invoked ImmersiveTaille’s menu window, choose the “Basic” menu and, from its drop-down, pick “Fullscreen+Taskbar” option, which would add the taskbar to your start screen.

choosing „Fullscreen+Taskbar” option from ImmersiveTaille’s window

Result: Now when you go to your start screen, you can see that the change has happened.
You can modify the look of your start screen further using ImmersiveTaille. Please check our “How to replace start screen in Windows 8” tutorial to learn more about it.