How to Add Twitter Link to Youtube Video

In this tutorial we will show you how to add Twitter link to Youtube.

Step 1:
Log in to your Youtube account.
Log in to Youtube

Step 2:
From the “Upload” drop-down menu, choose “Video Manager”.
Choose Video Manager

Step 3:
Pick the video to which you want to add the Youtube link.
Step 4:
Click on the pen icon in order to edit it.
click pen icon

Step 5:
You’ll be redirected to video editing page. From the top of that page, choose “Annotations”.
choose” Annotations

Step 6:
From “Add Annotations” drop-down menu we will choose “Speech Bubble”.
choose Speech Bubble

Step 7:
You can type in your Twitter account link to that speech bubble by either typing inside the text box on the video screen or editing the text in the box under “Speech Bubble”.
type in Twitter account link

Step 8:
You can also use text and text color buttons on the left from the video screen to change the font or the color of your future link.
using text and color buttons

Step 9:
When you’re done, click “Save” in the upper right corner t o save the changes and “Publish” if you’re completely done.
click Save

Step 10:
Now let’s click on the name link in the upper left corner of the video in order to see if the link was successfully added.
check whether the link is successfully added

Result: Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to add Twitter link to Youtube.