How to Create and Share a Group Calendar

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and share group calendar.
For the purposes of this demonstration, we will use a Yahoo group calendar.
Prerequisites: Yahoo account, browser, Internet.
Step 1. Open up a browser window and log into your Yahoo account. Go to Mail.
log on to Yahoo account

Step 2. Select “Calendar” from the upper tabs.

Step 3. Click the little wheel of Actions. Select ‘Create new calendar’ from the drop-down menu.
select „Create new calendar

Step 4. Give your new calendar a name and, if you want, a color.
name your calendar

Step 5: Add the events you’re most interested in on your new calendar.
add calendar events

Step 6: Click the little wheel on the left, near Calendars. Choose „Edit Calendars”.
choose “Edit Calendars

Step 7: Select the calendar you created.
select your calendar

Step 8: Now edit its basic properties, including sharing and permissions. You can add various people to your calendar and have them either view or modify it.
Step 9: If you want your calendar to be accessed via web, go to iCalendar and Web Address. You are offered both iCal and regular web links for your calendar – you can pass them around.
Result: You have now successfully created and shared your calendar.