How to Get Answers Directly Without Searching

In this tutorial you will learn about how to get answers directly without searching extensively. This is great, because you won’t have to spend time browsing various search engines to find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply type in your question and receive the answer.

Step #1 – Go to:

Step #2 – Type your question
Type your question in the search field. You can ask any question imaginable and this site will find the answer. Lets ask, “what is the population of new york city”.

Step #3 – Hit Enter
Submit your question to be answered.
Step #4 – Read Results
You will notice that these results give us much more than the direct answer. We receive information about the population history of New York City, the urban population versus the metropolitan population, and even the population of nearby cities. This website can be a very helpful tool when needing direct and fast answers to any of your questions.

Leave your comments below or contact us by email. This was a tutorial. Thanks for watching!