How to Make Powerpoint Games Family Feud

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to make a PowerPoint game like Family Feud. This is going to be based on a freely available template.

Step # 1 – Download the Template
The first thing you are going to need to do is download a template file that you can modify to your own game style. Visit the webpage “” then click the green “Download” button. A file will begin to download to your computer, when it has finished click on the arrow next to it and click “Show in folder”. It is a compressed file to decompress it using your preferred program. Once done, open the PowerPoint file found within.
Downloading the template from MediaFire

Step # 2 – Creating your Own Answers
You can see a series of slides running down the left of the page and they do look rather messy, but this is simply because there are many animations involved in the presentation. The first thing we are going to need to do is customize the answers. Make sure the first slide is selected and move the Family Feud logo out of the way, behind you can see there are several answers as you would expect in this game. Change these to whatever the results are you want to use, you should also change the numbers on the right. As you can see here they are misaligned, so fix this problem as well. When done move the logo back over the answers.
Adding answers to the game

Step # 3 – Completing the Rest of the Slides
You can repeat this process for the first five slides which should give a decent length game. You can see that each slide has the question written in the comments box, you should make sure that you do this for your slides as well.
Modifying the rest of the slideshow

Step # 4 – Adding Names to the Game
Now go to the ninth and final slide and you are going to need to enter the names of the two families (or contestants of any form) who are playing in your game. This is where there scores will go.
Entering the contestants names

Step # 5 – Playing the Game
Now that the game is largely set up, click back on slide one and then click the icon to run the slideshow. Click anywhere on the screen and the first round will begin, once you have asked your contestants the question, reveal the answers by click on the appropriate number as they go. If they get one wrong, click on a number in the bottom right to eliminate a life.
Playing the game

Step # 6 – Adding Scores
When the round is over, you can click “S” to go to the score page and enter the complete score for the round. Proceed with the rest of the game as you just did for the first round and that is how to make PowerPoint games like Family Feud.
Adding scores for each round