How to Search and Sort Your Mail in Gmail

In this tutorial you will learn how to search and sort your mail in Gmail.
First, you need to understand that a classical ‘Sort’ function is not implemented. Gmail replaces this functionality with extended search parameters.
Step 1. If you want to sort your correspondence by sender, in the search field type from:
Gmail will suggest you various matches. Select the one you are interested in.
type from

Step 2. Similarly, you can sort your emails by subject entering the subject: keyword.
enter the subject: keyword

Step 3. You can see the read and unread emails by using the keywords is:read, and is:unread. If you remember that you have marked your messages with a star, search for is: starred.

use is:read and is:unread keywords

Step 4. Other important keywords to help you access information in gmail are: to:, before: and after:. They will help you to sort out your emails by destination or select a date range.

use to:, before: and after: keywords

Step 5. You can even combine these fields by using the operators OR and AND to get complex sorting queries.
use OR and AND to combine fields

Step 6. If you want a list of all files with attachments use has:attachment.

use has:attachment

Step 7. Further sorting can be obtained using Google Filters.
use Google Filters

Result: You have now learned how to search and sort your mail in Gmail.