How to Set HTML Table Row Color

An HTML table consists of rows and columns. Designers color different rows of the table to make it look appealing or simply use HTML row color to highlight a particular one as more important. In this tutorial we will learn how to set HTML table row color.
Step # 1 – Designing the table
To start, we will create a table first. Then we will add the bgcolor attribute to one row element <tr>. The attribute is defined in the opening tag of the element. This attribute takes an HTML six digit hexadecimal color code as HTML table row colors, for e.g. #000000 for a black or #ffffff for a white. The full spectrum of the color codes can easily be found on the internet which can be used for changing HTML row colors.
Creating a table

Step # 2 – Applying a color
We will apply the grey color to our table row. Once this attribute is added with a valid color value, the browser starts to color the row from there on.
Applying gray to a row

That is how simple it is to apply color to a row of an HTML table.