How to Use Paypal Escrow

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a Paypal Escrow.

Step 1:
Go to and examine the conditions for Paypal payment.
examine paypal conditions

Step 2:
Open up a browser window and go to
Go to above site

Step 3:
Select Register to create yourself a profile. Fill in the information about your account and click Confirm.
create your account

Step 4:
On the left pane under Start a New Transaction, click Start.
Start new transaction

Step 5:
Enter the parameters of your transaction and your role in it.
enter parameters

Step 6:
Enter a Title for it, an email address, the way the escrow fee will be deducted and a shipment method. Click Continue.
enter transaction data

Step 7:
Offer the system some details about the merchandise in the following page, then click Continue.
offer the details

Step 8:
If everything is in order, click the Agree button.
Click agree

Result: Congratulations, you have learned how to use escrow for your paypal payment.