How to Disable Recurring Payments on Paypal

In this tutorial, you will learn how to disable recurring payments on Paypal.

Recurring payment is set up and agreed at first when you have purchased the goods or services online, and is normally announced in the” Terms of agreement” between you and your merchant. There is no way in Paypal to disable recurring payments globally, but you can inspect them and cancel them one by one, if they are not what you expected them to be.
Step 1:
In your Paypal account, click on “Profile”, and select “More Options”.
select More options

Step 2:
Select “My money” from the left pane.
select My Money

Step 3:
Click “Update” on ‘My preapproved payments’
click Update on My preapproved payments

Step 4:
Here is your list of all preapproved payments; you can identify the ones that you no longer want and cancel them.
examine your list of preapproved payments

Step 5:
Click on the subscription that you want to disable, and from the details window, click Cancel.
canceling subscription

Step 6:
Paypal asks you to confirm your choice; do so.
confirmation of subscription cancellation

Result: Congratulations! You have successfully disabled your recurring payment on PayPal.