How to Set Up Windows Mail for Mac

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to set up windows mail for mac. This process is fairly simple and can be carried out by entering different email addresses that are required. To learn about this, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Select the mail icon

First of all, click on the mail icon which is placed on doc panel.

Click on the mail icon

Step 2 – Select the Preferences option

With that done the Mail Application will open up. Over here, move to the Mail tab and then click on the Preferences option.

Click on the preferences option

Step 3 – Enter details

As a result, the Accounts window will open up. Over here, click on plus sign and the Add Account wizard would open up.
Enter the Full name, Your Hotmail Email Address, Password and then click on Continue.

Insert details

Step 4 – Enter complete email address

In the next window, set the Account type as POP and in the incoming Mail server, type for the address.
In the username field, provide the complete email address along with the domain, which in this case will be

Insert complete email address

Step 5 – Provide address for outgoing mail server

In the next window, you can write the description and provide the address of the outgoing mail server. In this case, it will be smtp dot live dot com. Do remember to tick on the two checkboxes titled “Use only this server” and “Use Authentication” before you continue with the process.

Enter address for outgoing mail server

Step 6 – View accounts summary

With that done, the Account Summary window will open up. You can view the details and go back if you wish to change anything over here.
Once done, click on the Create button and you will be taken back to the accounts window.

Look at the accounts summary

Step 7 – Go back to inbox

Now let’s head back to the inbox and notice how it automatically fetches the mails from the Hotmail account. This means that we have successfully set up windows mail for Mac.

Move back to inbox