How to Share File in Mac

In this tutorial we will teach you sharing files on a mac. Sharing file on mac can be easily done by creating a folder and sharing on net. The files to be shared are placed in the created folder
How to share a file in mac is being explained in following tutorial.

Step 1 –Create a Folder

Files can’t be shared independently in mac. We have to create folders that can be shared on a network. So let’s first create a folder and place the files, that we want to share, in it.
To create a new folder, simply right click on the Desktop and select the “New Folder” folder. Over here, we have named the folder “Test Share”.

Creating Sharing Folder

Step 2 –Selecting A File

Now click on the file which you want to share, and drag it to the newly created Folder.

Select File for Sharing

Step 3 – System Preference

With that done, let’s open up System Preferences and click on the sharing icon in the internet and wireless section.

Log in Sharing icon

Step 4 – Log in

Once the sharing window opens up, let’s click on the lock icon and enter the password, so that we are able to make the required changes over here.

Making Changes

Step 5 – File Sharing Option

With that done, let’s click on the File Sharing option. This will allow to system to turn on the File Sharing service.

Enable File Sharing

Step 6 – Selecting Folder

In the Shared Folder section, click on the plus sign and select the folder which you want to share. With that done, click on the Add button.

How to Select Folder

Step 7 – Privacy

With all that done, remember to click on the lock icon to prevent any further changes from being made while sharing files on a mac.

Ensuring Security

Step 8 – Identification of Shared Folder

Now let’s open up the directory which we shared and you would notice over here, that Mac identifies this as a shared folder. Furthermore, the file that you wanted to share would be present here as well.

This means that we have successfully shared a file in Mac. Follow the tutorial above to learn how to share file in mac.

Sharing file on mac