Shortcomings of Retina Display are Exposed!

In this tutorial, we will give you an overview on the shortcomings of Retina Display. In this tutorial, we will discuss the problems that users complained about in the Retina Display. Furthermore, we will discuss the drawbacks that come with Retina.

Step 1 – Issues with the retina display
Retina display was recently introduced in Mac and there have been a growing number of issues ever since. The ghosting problem has been the major concern for Apple Inc. This problem started due to the display components provided by Apple’s suppliers, namely Samsung and LG.
Problems with the retina display

Step 2 – Display parts had flaws
The display parts provided by LG had several flaws in it. Many users complained about the screen and asked for a replacement. Eventually, Apple used Samsung components to replace the LG ones. Unfortunately, the Samsung ones weren’t completely defect-free either.
Display replacements weren’t flawless either></center><br />
<strong>Step 3</strong> – Disadvantages of Retina Display<br />
Another disadvantage that comes with the retina display in Macbook is that it uses a great deal of battery power. Furthermore, the retina display consumes a very large amount of memory. There is no Ethernet port available for retina either.<br />
These shortcomings of the retina display should be carefully analyzed before buying a product with retina display.<br />
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