How to Use Spotify on iPad

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use Spotify on iPad. This requires you to have a Spotify premium membership.
Step # 1 – Logging into Spotify
This tutorial assume that you have a membership and the Spotify application already downloaded on you iPad. Touch the app to start the program, you will need to log into the service so we will touch the “Login with Spotify details” button. You need to enter your username and password then touch “Log in”.
Signing into Spotify

Step # 2 – Searching for Music
Now that you have logged in you will see several options on the right that will allow you to navigate through Spotify. First, let’s look at “Search”, touch this option. Into the search box type the name of some music. Results will appear below and you can touch the item you are interested in. A menu will appear on the right and you can select music from here – scroll through this and touch the track you want to play. You can use the play controls at the bottom to control the playback.
Searching for Coldplay

Step # 3 – Building a Playlist
To add some of this music to a playlist just touch and hold on a song or album. A window will appear and you need to touch the plus icon, then touch a playlist and it will automatically be added to that playlist. To access this you just need to touch the “Playlists” button on the left, find the playlist and its list of tracks will appear on the right – the track you just added will be included.
Adding a track to a playlist

Step # 4 – The Radio Feature
Radio is another great feature of Spotify, touch this icon on the left. Some potential stations will load on the right based on your musical preferences – touch one of these and tracks will start to play based on that track. This is a great way to discover new music.
The radio element of Spotify

Step # 5 – Other Important Features
Other important elements of Spotify include “What’s New” – this details the latest tracks that are available on the service (this is usually music that has just been released). “Inbox” contains messages and track recommendations that have been made to you by other Spotify users. “People” shows you all your friends on Spotify. This is a basic introduction on how to use Spotify on iPad and should be useful to most new users.
The inbox in Spotify