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How to Organize YouTube Subscriptions

In this tutorial you will learn how to organize YouTube subscriptions.
True YouTube fans spend hours and hours watching YouTube clips and leaving tens of comments under each video that they like. Some go so far as recording their daily life with iPhone and uploading hundreds of videos to their channels.
While usual Internet users do not need to go to such lengths to get the best of YouTube experience, there are some tips and tricks one can learn from hard-core YouTube users. This tutorial is dedicated to organization of multiple YouTube subscriptions.

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How to Use RSS?

Get an RSS Reader – The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re getting into reading sites via RSS is to get yourself acquainted with an RSS Feed Reader.
There are many feed readers going around with a variety of features – however a good place to start is with a couple of free and easy to use web based ones like Google Reader and Bloglines. Follow the step by step process mentioned below showing how to use RSS:

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