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How to Use the JKL Keys for Trimming in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, you will teach you how you can use the JKL keys to trim videos in Premiere Pro.
THE JKL keys are quite useful tools in Premiere Pro primarily because the only way you can know if the cut has the right time is to play through the timeline and watch the clip in real-time. THE JKL keys allow you to play through the sequence and you can trim the clip at the right time by pressing a single key.
So let’s get started with how you can use these keys to navigate and trim clips in the timeline.

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How to Trim in AutoCAD

There are different CAD edit options in AutoCAD that allow you to alter your objects once you have already made them. The edge of a shape can be modified or trimmed off using the “Trim” tool which helps you to trim in AutoCAD. To understand how this tool works follow the steps given below.

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