How to speed up and add a slow motion effect in a video using Windows Live Movie Maker

The Windows Live Movie Maker allows you to create and edit videos. This software is simpler to use than other complicated editing software.
To enhance your videos you can add various movie maker effects. This provides you with a better output. In a video, you can add the slowmotion effect to emphasize a certain scene.
To understand how to how to speed up and add a slow motion effect in a video using Windows Live Movie Maker follow the tutorial given below.

Step # 1 – Add video

First of all go to the ‘add photos and videos’ button under “Home” tab and select the video in the folder navigation window. Once the video is on the storyboard the video tools tab will appear above the ribbon.

Insert a video in the storyboard

Step # 2 – Split a video

Bring a time-line slider in the middle of the video and then click on the ‘Split’ button under tools in the “edit” tab. It will break the video into two parts.

Divide a video into two or more portions

Step # 3 – Set speed

You can now play the different parts of this video at separate speeds by adding two different movie maker effects. Let’s say you want to play the first part of the video in fast motion and the second part in slow motion. To increase the speed of the first half, go to its option under the “edit” tab and change the speed as per your requirement. Any speed greater than 1x is considered as the fast.

Play in fast motion

Step # 4 – Add the slow motion effect

To play the remaining video in slow motion, go to the video editing tools in the “edit” tab and select a speed below 1x. Suppose you choose to play the video on 0.25x speed. Now this will be played in slowmotion. After you have edited your video you can either save a movie in a project file or share it on the web.

Play video in slow motion