What is Netflix

Netflix is a “Watch Instantly” Internet video streaming service. For only $7.99 per month

Watch thousands of movies instantly using Netflix’s title database

Netflix allows users to chose from thousands of movie titles as well as entire seasons of Television show to watch “on-demand” on their computers, mobile devices, tablets, and Netflix Ready-Televisions. In North America alone, 24% of all internet streaming content comes from Netflix, which goes to show you how popular this service truly is.

Netflix will let you rate the movies that you have viewed instantly for a more customized experience

One of the greatest features of Netflix is its ability to offer you potential movie and TV show suggestions based on your previous viewing experience.

Give any movie up to 5 stars depending on how much you liked it

As a viewer, Netflix allows you to rate the content you have watched in the past with a 5 star rating. According to how many stars you chose for a given movie, Netflix will begin to populate your “Suggested titles” box with similar movies that might interest you.

Netflix separates their titles by genres for easier title searching

Netflix divides your categories of movies into sections which makes it easier to browse for a particular title that you are in the mood for based on specific movie genres, “new releases”, “popular on Netflix”, and “Watch it Again”.

Netflix also offers an ‘instant queue to save movies for screening at a later time

Another excellent source of categorizing the titles that you watch in Netflix is by using the “Add to Instant Queue” feature.

Let’s say that you find a movie in the Netflix database that you would really love to watch but don’t have time to commit to it right away. Netflix allows you to “Add this to your queue” so that you can easily find it at a later date when you have time to relax and enjoy this title.