WhatsApp vs. Viber. What is Better for iPhone

In this video we are going to look at WhatsApp vs Viber to see which of the two free mobile messaging applications is best for you.

Step # 1 – An Introduction
Both of these apps are very similar as they aim to achieve a similar goal and that’s to provide free messaging and calls between devices that are connected to the internet. For example both of the apps offer free text messaging, group chat, voice calls, and various other advanced messaging functions. In many ways they are both excellent apps.
Many useful features are present on both apps

Step # 2 – Lightweight or More Functional
The apps do differ in one important way, WhatApp does tend to provide a more simple to use and effective system which is easier to get your head around, while Viber is more complex. That said, Viber does have more functionality and would be able to replace the calling and texting functions of your phone much more easily than WhatsApp. Which one you choose will really depend on what sort of system you are looking for.
WhatsApp is simpler than Viber to use

Step # 3 – Interface
Although both of these apps are constantly evolving and becoming less bug prone, the general consensus online does tend to be that WhatsApp is more polished than Viber – people tend to have less crashes with WhatsApp and it seems to use less bandwidth. However if you need a more varied interface Viber is compatible with more devices and can be used on the PC. Overall, which app you choose for your iPhone will depend on what you needs and preferences are. This has been just a quick video introduction to WhatsApp vs Viber.
What you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences