How to Calculate Alcohol Level in Your Blood

Blood alcohol content (BAC), or blood alcohol level is the percentage of alcohol (most commonly in the form of ethanol) in the blood. For example, a BAC of 0.10 means that 0.10% (one tenth of one percent) of you blood, by volume, is alcohol.
Blood alcohol content is most commonly used as a way to estimate and measure intoxication for legal or medical purposes.
In this tutorial you will learn how to find out what your Blood Alcohol Content is, using a simple online Calculator.

Step #1
Search Google to find a Blood Alcohol Content online calculator. For the purposes of this tutorial we will use the BAC calculator found at
Step #2
Start by inputting the number and type of drinks you have had. The calculator then asks for your weight and for how long you have been drinking. You will notice that the BAC percentage is being calculated as you fill in your information. The more accurate the information you give the calculator, the more accurate your BAC estimate will be.
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator

Step #3
Take note of your Blood Alcohol Content percentage and the Analysis and do not drive or operate any machinery if you are impaired.