How to convert music to ringtones?

You can follow this step by step guide to convert your music files into ringtones.

Step No. 1: Log on to the website
Log on to the url: logo
Step No. 2: Upload
Once the web page loads, simply upload the file you want to convert int o a ring tone. Just click on the upload icon, choose a file and the uploading would automatically start
Upload button
Step No. 3:  Select Function and Volume
When the file has been downloaded. you can choose the “Selected” button to choose a certain time frame for the ringtone. You can leave it as it is if you want the whole song to be converted into a ringtone. You can even adjust the volume of the song with the volume control function highlighted below.Selected button
Step No. 4: Details
Now you can choose the format for the ringtone, bit-rate and choose to save the file in your computer, directly to your cellphone or receive it by email. You can even add a fading effect in the start and end of the song.
Easy mode tab
Step No. 5: Download
Now simply click on the make a ringtone button. Once the website is done with the process, it will allow you to download the converted file.
Ringtone download window