Top 3 Sources for Making money online and Freelance

There are countless sites online that help freelancers look for work in the field of digital arts and
coding. Some sites are better than others. In this video, we will review 3 sites that are absolutely
credible and important to take note of as a freelancer making money online.

Elance website benefits is a great tool which allows freelancers in the realm of video production, graphic
design, programming, and sound design to scan through countless projects that are being posted
throughout the digital world.
They offer a free account, which allows you to bid on up to 10 projects per month, or multiple
paid accounts depending on if you are a business or individual.
Different accounts available for professionals handles all messages between client and freelancer through “workrooms”. Payments
are delivered in an “escrow” fashion to give both parties a piece of mind while working on a
project. is another freelance site that allows users to search for work and bid on projects.
Guru’s well structured website allows for clients and freelancers to easily find one another in any
give city.
Go to to sign up as a freelancer

One major benefit to is that it offers more jobs than just digital content creation or
programing. In fact, this site has a lot more long term projects and jobs on it than most other sites
of the same caliber. As a free service with additional options to upgrade your account,
is a major standard for landing bigger projects and retainer clients to lock down for months or
even years at a time.
Guru website is great for Freelancers to find all types of steady work is a global market site that sells everything from books to the latest trend in
clothing. Amazon also offer its shoppers to sign up for associate accounts, which allow you to
place ads on your blog, website, or social network with a special link. offers an affiliates program for

Whenever someone from you audience clicks on a link that you post, you make a commission…
even if they don’t end up buying the initial item that was clicked on from you link. Amazon is
essentially paying you for sending traffic to their site.
Post links to your personal website or blog from