How to Create a Calendar in OneNote

In this tutorial you will learn how to create calendar in OneNote
OneNote is the perfect complement for intensive applications like Word and Excel, and it is meant to use when you need Word’s and Excel’s facilities, but don’t want to load up the entire dedicated application.
Step 1. Launch OneNote.
launch OneNote

Step 2. From the “File” menu, choose to create a New notebook. Let’s have this one as private.
choose „New notebook”

Step 3. Give it a name and hit “Create Notebook”.
A default page is opened in your new notebook.
name the notebook

Step 4. Type a title for your calendar, let’s say: “April”
type calendar title

Step 5: From the Home menu, choose to create a table. Make its’ grid the size of your familiar calendar. We will make a seven-day week calendar.
create and customize table

Step 6: Add four rows corresponding to the four weeks, and one more for the titles. Drag and create the table.
Step 7: Populate the first set of rows of your table with the names of the days, in the order you are most familiar with. We’ll start with Sunday.
populate rows

Step 8: You can further adjust the calendar’s appearance by clicking on the handle and choosing Font, Size and Alignment.
adjust calendar appearance

Step 9: Save your file.
save file

Result: That’s it! You have successfully created a calendar in OneNote.