How to Get a Google Phone Number

Google Voice is a new telecommunications service implemented by Google, that allows you to manage phone, voicemail and SMS with the help of a single interface. Particular to Google Voice is the ability to have one number on all your devices, yet still route the call differently depending on the caller and/or time of day.

Access to this service is for now limited to US residents, with free PC-to-PC audio and video calls. Also, notable is the feature of free calls from PC to phones, which is in effect until the end of 2013. Low fees are offered for international calling in most countries.
As with anything Google, the philosophy of stock and search later applies here, too. You can have your voicemails not just recorded, but transcribed, and included in keyword searches later on.
A list of current features of Google Voice, as well as links to try it out, can be found at
Step 1.
Open up a browser and go to

Step 2.
Log in to your Google Voice account. Select ‘Get a Voice Number’ and click on “I want a new number”.
Step 3.
Google system will initiate a call to your defined number and will prompt you to enter the two-digit code for verification.
Once you do this, you will be prompted for a number.
enter the two-digit code for verification received on your mobile

Step 4.
Choose yours either from the area or from the letters side. Here, we got a nice one for ourselves
Google will assign your brand new number for free. Write it down somewhere, now everyone can call you on that one.
Google will assign your brand new number

Result: Congratulations, you have learned how to set your new number on Google Voice.