Ways to Set Text Auto Reply in iPhone 

In this tutorial you will learn ways to set text auto reply on the iPhone. This feature can be useful in a situation where you receive a phone call and don’t want to seem rude by hanging up. A button will appear with a pre-generated text. All you have to do is tap that button once and it sends it to the person calling.

Step #1 – Tap Settings Icon

Then scroll down until you can see the Phone tab.

Step #2 – Tap Phone

Step #3 – Tap Reply with Message

Under the Calls section of this page, tap “Reply with Message”.

Step #4 – Enter reply

You can enter your personalized response by tapping the search field and writing your content.

Step #5 – Tap “Phone”

This will submit all of the responses you’ve entered.

Step #6 – See Results

When you receive a phone call you will see a phone icon. Tap that icon and swipe up.

Step #7 – Tap “Reply with Message”

You will then a list of the reply’s you created. Tap the one you want to send. You have now set up text auto reply on the iPhone.

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