Understanding Prezi

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of Prezi.
In order to understand the Prezi philosophy, let’s take a quick look at the basics of persuasion.
At the bottom of successful communication stays one’s ability to correctly and effectively convey a big idea, followed up by a compelling way to make the details accessible. Incidentally, these are also the attributes of a good story.
So, how do you do this in Prezi?
Step 1. At first, figure out what is the main idea that you want to communicate; then choose the most appropriate visual metaphor to express it.
choose Prezi template

Step 2. After you decided on your best visual approach to your story, start filling it up. Write what you already know: where it begins (you might want to start with objectives), where it ends, what are parts of its path, what are the helpers and what obstacles.
fill up your Prezi

Step 3. By now you have described already the forces at play. To make the story worth attending, you will need to explain what new outcomes can or will appear from such interplay. Be it a product presentation that makes a better world or an analysis that brings a new insight and understanding on a current situation, this will always be the result of a good Prezi.
Put this at the end; it is the main reason of existence for your presentation. Fully describe to your audience the consequences of your new outcomes. Show the ultimate benefits or the difficulties that eventually emerge from this interplay – this promise or prediction is what will make your audience remember your story. Do it creatively and entertaining, and your presentation will last in their minds and hearts forever.
put a strong presentation summary at the end

Result: you have now successfully learned basics of Prezi.