How to Contact USA Government

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to contact the government, and you will see how easy it is to get in touch with them online.

Step # 1 – Visit USA.GOV for Contact Information
Open up your web browser and head over to “” where you will have options to contact the government and even specific American government agencies.
The contact page for the government

Step # 2 – Contacting an Elected Official
Click on “Contact Your Elected Officials” and you will see a list of links. You can contact the President and Vice President, US Senators, US Representatives, State Governors and State Legislatures. There is also an option to “Tweet a Message to Your Representatives”. If you click on the link to “President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden” you will be redirected to a contact form where you can send them a message.
The various people you can contact

Step # 3 – Contact a Government Agency
Go back to “” and click on the link titled “Contact Links Organized by Agency”. From here, you will see a complete list of USA government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency. After clicking on one of the links you will be redirected to a page for the agency, in which you will see a phone number, address and/or email address to contact them. Now you know how to contact the government, which is probably much easier than you thought.
Contact links for various governmental agencies