How to Know Nutritional Value of Food

In this tutorial you will learn how to know nutritional value of your food.

Healthy eating begins from knowing what food you consume. One of the handiest methods is shown to you in our tutorial.
Let’s say we have a family daily purchasing and consuming ciabatta bread from nearby bakery.
How good is this bread for a young family following a moderate diet?
Step 1. Go to
go to indicated website

Step 2. Enter the food name in the field on the upper right. We’ve got one result.
enter food name in search

Step 3. Click on result to learn about nutrition facts about the chosen food. We can see that ciabatta bread is very low in Cholesterol, which is good for family health.
Unfortunately it is rather high on calories. We need to find better options for daily carbs intake. Let’s do it!
examine results

Step 4. Now in the upper left corner choose “Nutrient Search Tool”. You’ll be redirected to the page that helps you to find foods with highest or lowest concentrations of specific nutrients.
choose “Nutrient Search Tool”

Step 5: Let’s find baked products lowest in calories. Redused calorie rye bread looks like a great replacement for ciabatta!
examine search  results

Result: Try it for yourself and see that controlling what you eat is simple and rewarding.
You have now successfully learned how to know nutritional value of your food.